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dot_clear.gif (807 bytes) Here are several ways to find out if S.U.N. energy work is right for you: 
time.gif (12546 bytes) Free Introductory Evenings
A Little of Your Time Could Be A Big Investment In Your LIFE!

Attending a S.U.N. Free Introductory Evening could be the beginning of a major positive change in your life. Many people have reported experiencing profound benefits from the energies and practices introduced to them through the S.U.N. Network. And it's so easy to see if this work is for you. The first thing to know is that no one at S.U.N. will attempt to sell you or convince you of anything. The introductory evenings are designed to let you experience firsthand what this work is about, and you can decide for yourself.

Whether you are newly interested in subtle energies or have been working with them for a while, we believe you will find that S.U.N. is at the leading edge in this field. As you explore this site, you may find a workshop that is of particular interest to you. Attending a free "Introduction to S.U.N. Workshops" with the teacher who will be giving that workshop is a simple, comfortable way to determine what that and other workshops have to offer you. To find out where these introductory evenings will be held, call the teacher. Also, some teachers are willing to schedule introductions at times or locations other than those listed. (See the Teachers' Directory.)

S.U.N. Network is not associated with any particular religion, but draws meaning from many of the powerful spiritual practices around the world throughout history. Whatever your chosen path, this work can help you along your way. If you feel an impulse to see what this is all about, check the Schedule and mark your calendar now for the date you want to attend! It could be a turning point in your life.


Receive our Weekly Transmissions at Home

energy.gif (5535 bytes) Sunday Mornings 9:00 to 9:15 a.m. your local time
Sunday Evenings 9:00 to 9:15 p.m. your local time

Just as physical energies (such as radio waves) can be transmitted over a distance, so can subtle energies. Every Sunday all the S.U.N. teachers do a group transmission of hundreds of different energies. You can receive these energies just by "tuning in", i.e. by wanting to be and being aware. Because the energies can be transmitted on a "time delay basis", you can do this according to your local time as described above. It is not necessary to be in any special state of consciousness, though it does help to get into your quiet, inner space or to be in a meditative state.

Because we are transmitting hundreds of energies and because you can only absorb so much energy at one time, it is very important that you ask your higher self to select the energies that are best for you.

There are two purposes for this transmission. It is part of our philosophy of providing ongoing support (for those who wish it) to people who have taken our workshops. It is also a way to introduce our work to those who aren't yet familiar with it. If you are among the latter and enjoy the energies, we invite you to come to a free talk or sign up for a workshop.

Monday Transmissions

In addition to the weekly Sunday transmissions described above, which come from all the S.U.N. teachers, there are now weekly Monday transmissions, which come just from Irving Feurst, the S.U.N. network founder and director. The Monday transmissions use newer energy technologies that are more effective when done separately from the Sunday transmissions. However, like the Sunday transmissions, they contain many different energies and it is best to ask your higher self to select the energies that are best for you.

energy.gif (5535 bytes) Monday Mornings 9:00 to 9:15 a.m. your local time
Monday Evenings 9:00 to 9:15 p.m. your local time

"The seven people at our Reiki get-together tuned in to your weekly transmission last Sunday night, and we all had sensations, images (e.g. a white Pegasus), or messages ("Be like a mountain. Quit moving around and put down roots."). We were grateful for your transmission and will tune in again." -- Donna McMillan, Tokyo, Japan


S.U.N. Energy Meetings
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Some S.U.N. teachers hold Energy Meetings on a regular basis. These meetings are to further your understanding and practice of energy work you are learning in S.U.N workshops. Participants practice using new S.U.N. skills, i.e. practicing energy work on each other. We also meditate, answer questions and discuss spiritual problems you might be having. Lastly, this is a place to meet and socialize with others who share common interests. 

Attend an energy meeting facilitated by S.U.N. teachers. Check the Schedule for details. Some teachers prefer to schedule Introduction to S.U.N. Workshops and Energy Meetings when they are contacted rather than in advance. The following teachers hold meetings:

Ira and Kathy Hilf, Petya Lowe, Loretta Metzger, Jack Sadey, Jean Sibley, Carol Singler and Hari Tahil.

Please call one of them for location and time.  (See Teachers' Directory.)  Students who are interested in Energy Meetings closer to home should call their nearest S.U.N. teacher.  


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